Website development for Liberal party of Canada

Website development for “The Power of the Heart”

Website development for Artlife

It’s not just a simple website, it’s a complex informational system which provides a lot of services handling large amounts of statistical data

Official website for an international movie and book about the astonishing power and intelligence of your heart.

Websites for Artlife, one of the Russian high-end companies specializing in beauty, health and proper nutrition production.


Make websites. Different complexity, for various goals.

Making websites is exactly what we can do well and are ready to help you to realize your thoughts.

We are ready to:

  • make a web design
  • develop functionality you need
  • provide hosting services with high-speed and 99.99% uptime
  • provide Search Engine Optimization service
  • provide a lifetime technical support for your site

We can integrate your website with external applications and develop independent modules you need.

In case you have a website, but the design is obsolete, or the site is having performance or availability issues, or you are losing your regular audience, or you want to restructure website and update some content, we are ready to solve your problems.  Our professional team will analyze your website and offer new solutions needed to increase user experience, the ranking and traffic volume.

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Questions and Answers

Предоставление хостинга веб-студии Lapinet

What does hosting mean?

It is physical location of files of your website. A website host is really just a computer (or a group of computers) that is constantly connected to the Internet. The truth is that any computer can be used to host a website, even the one you are using now – but the computers used by professional hosting companies are incredibly powerful with lots of hard disks and memory, highly optimized to deliver the website files to thousands of readers simultaneously. Also it requires some experience in administration. Therefore, it’s better to use hosting at our company, we can help to deal with all related issues.

Техническое задание для веб-студии Lapinet

What does project specification mean?

It is a comprehensive description of your wishes about your future project. We can get specification in different forms, e.g. note on a napkin, just some thoughts, after which we can make specification ourselves.

CMS (веб-студия Lapinet)

What does CMS mean?

Content Management System is a web based application used to manage, design and organize the editorial content of a web site. 

Что нужно от заказчика

What do you need from me, if I order you website?

Just your desire to collaborate with us and sharing of your ideas and wishes.

Сроки выполнения сайта от веб-студии Lapinet

What is the project timeline needed?

Be prepared that every company needs time to assess the project timeline. You can see just ballpark counts on the sites of other web companies. Total production time vary greatly because every design and development project is different. In the web world one size does not fit all; the needs and goals of your business or organization are completely unique. Contact us! It will take just a few minutes of your time.

Сколько стоит сайт от Lapinet

How Much Does a Website Cost?

To assess the cost of our work we multiply amount of hours we worked by the cost of one hour an appropriate specialist worked. As soon as we get the specification or just a simple wish list, we can assess the whole project.

Why us

Free Project Specification

We make a project specification for free to assess your ideas. We arrange your ideas on a paper in plain language to store all thoughts in one place.

Right Tools

We are known for making high-end websites using common CMSs: Drupal, WordPress, Joomla, 1C-Bitrix.

Fast Work

We are able to work as fast as possible and at the same time receive a high quality end-product. The key is to tell us about your thoughts on time constraints.

Full Service

We help through all steps of development: from buying a domain name and deployment of your project to supporting after publication.

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